How to Get Back a Girl

Have you broken up with your girlfriend? Do you want to know how to get back a girl, easy, figure out what the problem was and fix it. OK, obviously I’m making it sound easier than it is, but that is the basic idea. You have to be willing to get to the real problems in your relationship and work hard to make changes. If you are willing to do that, than you might just be able to have your girl back in your arms in no time.

Of course, it’s very important that you make sure that you want her back for the right reasons, and just so we’re clear, jealousy and ego are not the right reasons. If that’s what this is all about you should do both of you a favor and just move on. If you continue to pursue her for the wrong reasons you’ll be causing both of you a lot of unnecessary hassle and heart ache.

Once you’ve made some progress on identifying what the problem was and how you can, and have, change to make things better, it’s time to let her know that you’ve changed and this can be the tricky part. The first thing you want to do is relax, you have to make this casual or you’re likely to scare her away.

Call her up, this is not a time for texting, and invite her out for coffee. Again, keep it informal and casual and she’ll be more likely to agree to meet. When the two of you get together don’t talk about your relationship or anything like that, instead just show her the new you. You can tell her a million times how you’ve changed but it won’t carry any weight until she sees it for herself.

Don’t pressure her into getting back together. You should look at this as if the two of you were just meeting for the first time, and in a way you are since you aren’t the same guy you used to be, and just take things slowly. Basically at this stage you are dating.

After a while, and plenty of time for her to see that you mean what you say when you say you’ve changed, the two of you can discuss the chances for reconciling. More than likely at this point she’ll be receptive but if she says she’s not interested in anything more than a friendship you better be careful how you react. Even if she says she doesn’t want to get back together there is always the possibility she may reconsider but if you get mad and make a fool of yourself she’ll never want you back. Keep your cool.

If she just doesn’t want to get back together or see you as anything other than a friend you will have to move on and find someone else. That does happen sometimes but you’d be surprised how often this process for how to get back a girl works. Just remember to be a better man, treat her with respect, and understand that she may not want to get back together and learn to handle that and you’ll be fine, one way or the other.