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Steps to Save a Marriage

Steps to Save A Marriage Two Simple steps to save Your marriage:
If you want to save your marriage, I have good news for you: most any marriage can be saved. I know, it may seem hopeless but if both of you are willing to do what it takes, you can save your marriage. Unfortunately, if one or the other of you isn’t willing to do what it takes your marriage is already over and it might be wise for you to move on. Here are a few simple steps to save a marriage that you and your spouse can start working on today. If you think you need a little extra help than find a marriage counselor that you both like and trust to help you out. Let’s find out the steps to save a marriage.

1. Obviously, you can’t fix something until you know what is broken. Your mechanic isn’t going to just start replacing parts, you hope, on your car hoping to eventually get the right thing. Your marriage is similar, you can’t fix the problems if you don’t really know what the problems are. I can almost guarantee you that your wife doesn’t make snide comments to you and act cold towards you because you left the seat up. And I can be pretty sure that your husband isn’t really acting the way he is just because you take too long getting ready to go out.

These petty squabbles are covering up the real issues in your relationship, and that’s what the two of you need to get to.

2. Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, it’s time to work together to come up with a strategy to fix things. Neither of you should plan on doing all the work yourself, you both need to be willing to work together. It’s also important for both of you to realize that this stage could take a long time. You have to be patient, your marriage, just like you and your spouse, is a work in progress. Don’t expect a quick fix.

Don’t give up on your marriage. If you and your spouse are willing to work on it together you can pull it back from the brink and following these steps to save a marriage will be a great place to start.

Ways To Save Marriage

What is the Best Way to save a marriage?

Is the relationship with your spouse strained? If you’re worried about your marriage and you want to find some great ideas on ways to save a marriage, this article might make a good place to start. Working on your marriage is really something that shouldn’t be left until the last minute, though many of us are guilty of doing just that. It doesn’t matter how far off track your marriage is, if you and your spouse are serious about making it work, you will most likely find a way to do just that.

The first thing two of you must do is to sit down and identify what the problems are. Make sure you don’t get distracted by the petty things that are on the surface since these really aren’t the problems. You have to dig deeper and find what the underlying cause is so that you can change it.

For example, I seriously doubt any marriage has fallen apart just because the husband left his whiskers in the sink or that the wife bought one too many pair of shoes. These are things that bug each other, but they aren’t the real problem. The real problem is that the wife thinks the husband takes her for granted and doesn’t respect her time and effort when he makes more work for her instead of cleaning up his own mess.

The husband thinks he’s just a paycheck to his wife when she runs out and buys more shoes. Of course, these are just examples, but you get the point. Look below the surface to find the real problems and then address those, head on, together.

While there is no one size fits all to marriage issues, there are some common themes that are at the heart of most bad marriages. If you and your spouse can learn to communicate effectively you will be able to identify the issues and find the best ways to save a marriage.

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Save The Marriage

Save The Marrigae is a famous book written by Lee H Baucom. The book provides detailed insights and is a step by step guide on What You Need to Do to save the marriage.

Save the MarriageFor most couples, once their marriage has gotten to the brink of divorce, it will be a very big challenge to save the marriage. That’s not to say that it’s impossible, but the resentments and anger have built up to the point that a lot of couples in this situation can’t hardly be in the same room together, let alone talk things out and work on solutions.

For this reason, it’s usually best to find a marriage therapist our counselor to help you pull your marriage back from the precipice. Here are some things to keep in mind when you start looking around for a professional to help you solve your marriage issues:

1. It’s important that you find someone who has similar ideals to your own. For example, for most couples it isn’t about staying together at all costs, but rather finding a way to make things good between the two of you again… or ending the marriage. Some counselors will come from a position of trying to keep the marriage intact at all costs, even if one or both of the spouses aren’t happy or fulfilled. Find a counselor who can help you accomplish your goals, not theirs.

2. A good counselor will be totally unbiased. You absolutely don’t need someone who is going to take sides, even subtly. You need someone who will tell you both the ugly truth because that is the only way you can work things out.

3. Make sure you’re clear on their fee schedule and whether or not they will accept your insurance, if you have it. Counseling will take time, this is by no means a quick fix. You have to be willing to make this investment in your relationship.

If the two of you are willing to work together, and with the help of a counselor, it is possible for you to save the marriage. Just keep an open mind and be willing to try.

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Marriage Retreat

Christian Marriage retreats and marriage counseling, Can They Save My Marriage?

Marriage retreats are seminars that teach couples better ways of communicating with each other. They can be based on certain religions or secular in nature. They can last for a week or for a few hours, there are a lot of different types of retreats all over the country. The point is that this can be an effective way for you and your spouse to learn to work on the issues in your marriage by honestly communicating with each other.

The sad truth is that by the time most people get to the point of considering a retreat, or any type of counseling, there is a lot of built up anger and resentment. More often than not the only ‘communicating’ the couple does is to scream at each other and all semblance of a loving healthy relationship has completely disappeared. If your marriage is in trouble, the sooner you address the issues the greater the likelihood you’ll be able to improve your relationship.

While it might be difficult for the two of you to learn new, and more effective, ways to communicate, it’s never impossible. As long as both of you are completely committed to making these changes you can do it. A good retreat will help. Just find the format that fits you and your lifestyle. You can start with your church. If they don’t host a retreat they can likely recommend one.

It’s never too late to try and save your marriage, though the sooner you start the easier it will be. Just try to find good marriage retreats and give it a chance to work and you may be pleasantly surprised at the positive changes you see in your marriage. At this point, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Go for it.

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Marriage Guidance

Marriage guidance, Where Should I Look?

When it comes to finding someone to help you through the minefield that your marriage has become, you do have a lot of choices. Marriage guidance can be found in many different places. The most important thing is that you trust the people who you are asking for advice. It can cause more harm than good if you choose to follow bad advice. Pick the source of your guidance very carefully.

If you’re not worried about friends and family knowing that your marriage is in trouble, you can always ask them for a referral. Personal referrals are often best if you can get them from someone you know has similar likes and dislikes as you do. When you find a counselor you will be working very closely with them so it’s very important that you trust and like them and that you feel comfortable with them.

The next place you can look to find a counselor is at your church. Your priest or pastor may be able to provide counseling for you or if not, they can likely make some recommendations.

Of course, you can always just look through the phone book if all else fails. This is a very hit or miss method though so you may want to set up and appointment with a few of them to see who you feel most comfortable with before you commit to any of them.

You can also use some self help books (see save the marriage from divorce) and courses. There are many of them around and again, it’s important for you to find the style that suits you and your needs.

It doesn’t matter what type of marriage guidance you use, counselors, clergy, friends or books, just being willing to take some steps to make your marriage better is a huge step in the right direction. Good luck.

Save Marriage from Divorce

How You Can save marriage from divorce?

Sometimes it can almost feel like you’ve been dreaming and all of a sudden you wake up and your marriage is a shambles. Save the Marriage If you find yourself in this situation and your marriage is hanging by a thread you’re probably wondering what you can do, if anything, to save marriage from divorce. It is the right thing to do than having a broken marriage. You’ll be happy to know that many couples have been in just such a place and have managed to save their marriage and even make it better. If you and your spouse are going to be able to do that too, you have to do a few things first.

1. The very first thing that the two of you need to decide is if you want to save the marriage. It won’t work if one of you wants to work on it and one of you doesn’t. Unless you both are in complete agreement there is no way you can have a good marriage. Sure, you might not get divorced, but you’ll never be truly happy in a relationship that one person doesn’t want to be in.

2. Next you need to carefully analyze the issues in your marriage and figure out how best to resolve them. This is a hard thing to do because both of you will have to be willing to stop pointing fingers at each other and accept your own blame for your marital troubles.

3. Now you’ll have to find a way to solve those issues. Again, this will take some time since more than likely the issues and resentments have built up over a period of time and will take some time to get past.

If you and your spouse can make a commitment to these steps you’ll have a real chance to save marriage from divorce. If you both want to work on it you may even want to find a qualified counselor to help you along the way. Good luck.
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